Office of the Executive Vice President for Research

Lisa Tuttle
Asst. Director for Administrative Operations
Office: 404-894-8884 Cell: 678-873-0190

Abbey Bluestein
Assistant to the Executive

Saeedah Hickman
Sr. Director, EVPR Administration

Office of the Vice President for Interdisciplinary Research

Crystal Hanson
Program Manager
Office: 404-385-3212

Rob Kadel
Director, Research Program Administration
Office: 404-894-5916

George White
Director for Strategic Partnerships
Office: 404-407-6313

Taiesha Smith, Ph.D.
Program Manager Sr. 
HBCU-MSI Research Partnerships

Office of the Vice President for Research Development and Operations

Gail Spatt
Director of Research Operations
Office: 404-385-8334

Rebecca Terns
Director of Research Development
Office: 404-385-5247

Juan Archila
Director of Academic & Research Facilities Infrastructure
Office: 404-894-8745

Emily Carpinone
Research Development Manager
Office: 404-894-5778

Brian James
Project Manager, Office of Research Development and Manufacturing USA Initiative
Office: 404-894-4599

Linda Mazzeo
Program Manager
Office: 404-894-5881

Meghan Mullaney
Research Development Manager
Office: 404-894-5969

Susan Roche
Research Administration Manager, Senior
Office: 404-894-8802

Krystal McNally
Senior Administrative Professional
Office: 404-894-7107

Matt Sanders
Executive Director Research Computing and Data
Office: 404-894-9107

Randi Sloan
Academic and Research IT Support Engineer Sr.
Office: 404-894-6073

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