Research Faculty Affairs

Research Faculty Hiring

The EVPRs office is responsible for the approval process of all Research Faculty hiring. Research Faculty are considered non-tenure track faculty members. For open positions within the colleges, please visit  For employment with the Georgia Tech Research Institute, visit


Regular Positions

  • A Position Vacancy Announcement (PVA) is required. The announcement can be created on the Applicant Clearinghouse at electronically. After the announcement is generated, a PVA number will be generated and the position will post to the Applicant Clearinghouse.
  • The hiring department will then need to post the position. This can be done using a third party site or through a courtesy posting via Taleo. For courtesy postings: forward the PVA along with the job description and qualifications to the Research Faculty Employment Coordinator, Alexandrea Council ( for placement on the Research Faculty Job Bulletin for at least five business days.
  • When a candidate is selected, the hiring department completes and forwards the hiring package to the Research Faculty email address (

The hiring package consists of:

  1.  Research Faculty Routing Sheet - PDF **PLEASE NOTE: to fill out the form online, you will need to click the purple message above the document that says "Highlight Existing Fields"** Refer to the Research Faculty Job Code Table for a list of all position codes.
  2. Sample offer letter with appropriate caveats & Sample post retirement offer letters
  3. Application
  4. Resume
  5. Official Transcripts **that are not issued to student** (for international degrees, please submit a foreign credential evaluation)
  6. Three reference letters
  7. Affirmative Action Applicant Flow Chart (for regular/permanent positions only)​
  8. Affirmative Action Form for Hiring (for regular/permanent positions only)
  9. Applicant Flow Chart for PVA
  10. Copy of the PVA (for regular/permanent positions only)
  11. Background Disclosure Authorization Form
  12. Background Info Form
  • The hiring package is reviewed by Research Faculty Employment Coordinator and forwarded to the Executive Vice President for Research for approval.
  • Research Faculty Employment Coordinator will notify the hiring department via email regarding the approval of the hiring package and notification to offer the position to the candidate.
  • Hiring department will submit a Personal Services Form (PSF) to Alexandrea Council for final approval.
  • A copy of the hiring PSF is submitted to the Office of Human Resources' Customer Services Center for assistance in onboarding the new research faculty member.
  • Upon receipt of approval of the hiring package, the hiring department prepares the formal offer letter and contacts candidate. All signed offer letters should be forwarded to

Temporary Researchers, Visiting Researchers and Students or Postdoctoral Positions

Temporary Researchers: The same process outlined above for regular positions is followed, except no Position Vacancy Announcement (PVA) or Affirmative Action Tracking sheets are needed.

Visiting Researchers and Students: These positions follow a more simplified hiring process that are outlined in the link under the Helpful Tools section or click here. Also see the Research Faculty Document Grid tab for more information. 

Postdoctoral Fellows: These appointments require evidence of the Ph.D. (or equivalent degree) in the form of an official transcript.  A candidate may also be appointed if the candidate has completed all of the requirements for the degree (coursework, defense, final dissertation submitted, etc.), but the degree has not yet been formally conferred. In this case, the candidate must provide evidence that all of the degree requirements have been met, along with a date of graduation. This may be stated on the official transcript or in an official letter from the institution.  In all cases, the final, official transcript must be on file once the degree has been awarded.


Research Faculty Promotions

The EVPRs office is responsible for coordinating the promotion process for Research Faculty at the institute level. Resources and guidance about the institute promotion process are provided for research faculty candidates. Follow the link to find information on the promotion process.