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EVPR Office Annual Programs
Thursday, January 29, 2015
Institute Contact: Gail Spatt, 404.385.8334 or
The Office of the Executive Vice President for Research offers five awards annually recognizing the achievements of Georgia Tech faculty and staff as mentors and researchers. These awards are listed below.
Outstanding Achievement in Research Enterprise Enhancement
      Timeline: None
      Award Amount: $5,000
Awarded to a staff member who consistently betters Georgia Tech’s research  program but is not a traditional researcher.  Nominated by faculty, this individual excels in areas such as the securing of funding or the application and deployment of research.  S/he should embody Strategic Goal #5, Relentlessly Pursue Institutional Effectiveness.  Examples may include sponsored programs staff, departmental research and financial administrators, or anyone who carries out the day-to-day implementation of a research program.
Outstanding Achievement in Research Innovation
      Timeline: None
      Award Amount: $10,000
Awarded to the faculty member recognized as working at the forefront of discovery, application and deployment of technology, whose research results have had a demonstrable and sustained external economic, social, or policy impact.  Nominators should include any known quantifiable measures such as patents, licenses, or commercialized products, as well as a description of the far-reaching implications of the nominee’s work, particularly the impact of getting the nominee’s innovation into use.  If applicable, discuss the nominee’s relationship with external partners and/or how the research infrastructure supports education.
Outstanding Achievement in Research Program Development
      Timeline: Past 3 years
      Award Amount: $25,000
Awarded to a research team, preferably composed of both faculty and staff, that creates a new thought leadership platform to significantly expanding Georgia Tech’s research portfolio.   Program milestones, such as the receipt of sponsored funding or establishment of an industry partnership should fall between January 1, 2012, and December 31, 2014.  Nominators should elaborate on the program’s impact, both within Georgia Tech and as a mechanism for enhancing Georgia Tech's long-term, external scholarly reputation. Highlight elements of this program or characteristics of the faculty and staff members involved that others could emulate in their own research programs.  Where applicable, briefly summarize the funding source(s), others involved in the project, and any other recognition already received for the program.  Please do not include sponsored funding outside of the specified time period. The prize will be divided equally among the team members.
Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Advisor
      Timeline: Past 5 years
      Award Amount: $10,000
Awarded in recognition of the achievements of a faculty member's doctoral students who completed all degree requirements from January 1, 2010, to December 31, 2014.  Nominators should focus on what, specifically, makes this faculty member’s advising technique, process or results truly excellent.  Descriptions may include pertinent details about the group’s scholarly output, but should really focus on the overall impact of both the advisor on the students and the students on the greater community.    Feel free to include a paragraph from the nominee on his or her advising philosophy and quotes from students as well.  Please list the students’ post-thesis positions and other accomplishments, and describe how the advisor continues his or her involvement with graduates. If addressing publications, focus on those that are student-led.  Please do not include achievements outside of the specified time period.
Outstanding Faculty Research Author
      Timeline: Past 5 years
      Award Amount: $10,000
Awarded to the faculty member who most contributed to highly impactful publications describing the results of research conducted at Georgia Tech and published during the period January 1, 2010, to December 31, 2014.  Notable accomplishments may range from a single book to multiple peer-reviewed journal articles.  Please identify the publications, or at least highlight a few, within the body of the nomination.  Nominators are free to include any available quantitative metrics but should focus the nomination primarily on the major topics of, and/or significant research breakthroughs noted in, the specified publications.  Please do not include publications outside of the specified time period.
  • Award
    • For the awards with a $10,000 prize, $7,500 is for the recipient's personal use and $2,500 is for the support of his or her research.  The $25,000 and $5,000 prizes are entirely for the recipients’ personal use.
      • Outstanding Achievement in Research Enterprise Enhancement: $5,000
      • Outstanding Achievement in Research Innovation: $10,000
      • Outstanding Achievement in Research Program Development: $25,000
      • Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Advisor: $10,000
      • Outstanding Faculty Research Author: $10,000
    • Awards are presented each spring and winners are recognized at the Faculty/Staff Honors Luncheon.
  • Eligibility
    • All faculty with academic and research titles are eligible to be nominated for the Faculty Research Awards.  For the Research Enterprise Enhancement Award, staff are eligible.
    • Individuals who have won an award are not eligible for another award in the same category for three years, but may be nominated in any other category at any time.
  • Nominations
  • Faculty housed in GTRI should submit nominations through Lisa Sills,
  • IRIs may submit one nomination per category directly to the EVPR office.
  • Nominations are due to the EVPR Office by Thursday, January 29, 2015.  Units will likely have their own internal deadlines.  Please email nominations to Gail Spatt (
  1. Nomination paperwork may not exceed two 8 1/2" x 11" pages of single-spaced, 11-point or larger font with 1-inch margins.  Any additional documents included beyond the 2-page limit such as letters of support, CVs, etc. will be deleted before the selection committee sees the nomination.  The only exception to the two-page limit is the category of Research Author, where a listing of publications may be appended.  Do not include the publications themselves.
  2. At the top of page 1, please list the following information:
    • Nominee’s Salutation, Name, Title, Affiliation
    • Nominator’s Salutation, Name, Title, Affiliation 
    • Brief paragraph summarizing what makes the candidate uniquely suited for and relevant to that particular category
Example Heading
Nominee:           Mr. Buzz Yellow Jacket, Director of Mascot Relations, Georgia Tech Athletics
Nominator:        Dr. George P. Burdell, Associate Professor, School of Public Policy, Ivan Allen College
Buzz’s groundbreaking, patented Robot Recruiter for Georgia Tech athletes has changed the way colleges and universities across the nation draft potential players.  His revolutionary research results, his methods of incorporating faculty, staff and students from every college and institute on campus into the research methodology, and his newly established partnership with Lego, Inc. make him the unsurpassed choice for the Outstanding Achievement in Research Innovation award.
Please click here for a list of prior Institute Research Award winners.
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